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Honda R&DHonda R&D Co., Ltd. engages in the research and development of technologies. The company was founded in 1960 and is based in Wako, Japan. Honda R&D Co., Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Overseas Business Development
Automobile Research & Development
For students who graduate in 2010-2014

We are going to held Interview and SPI test on
Date : May 6, 2014
Time : 10.00 – finish
Venue : Engineering Center R.303, Faculty of Enginering, Campus UI Depok

Please register on http://www.workinjapan.asia/index.php or bring your CV on the spot.
Contact Person: Taufik / Yosua : +6221 8378 2866

Corporate Profile
Company Name: Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
President: Mr. Yoshiharu Yamamoto
Address: 1-1, 2-chome, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8556, Japan

Website: http://world.honda.com/ & http://www.honda.co.jp/RandD/
Type of business: Automobile

Established: 24 September 1948
No of employees: 179,060(as of 2013)


Sales revenue: 8,937 billion JPY (March 2011)
Net Profit: 534,1 Billion JPY (March 2011)
R&D Funds: 463,4 Billion JPY (March 2011)

Salary: Undergraduate degree: 209,300yen; Master degree: 234,800yen
(*IDR 24.069.500 per month, IDR 27.002.000 *current rate 1 JPY= 115 IDR)
Hiring Requirements: R&D Staff.
Hiring Requirements: Number of hiring: 2 (two) person.
Type of Employment : Permanent

Job Description:

Main work will do car auto body design and test.
Will be assign to one of their functional departments such as Engine, Mission body, Platform, Electric power plant, or Electric component and so on. Department will be assigned based on the person’s wishes, major, and section needs.
Example: Electric power plant department is developing Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles, or other very new technologies which are not yet come out to the market.

Career path,
Abilities and Skills
to be Acquired:

There are several career steps on this position. General case, from staff level will be promote as Project/ Function Leader after 5 years experiences in Honda R&D. Compare to other Japanese automotive companies, this is consider faster. After several years experiences, Project Leader will be promoted to Senior Project Leader (duration will be based on performance and result).
Associates from overseas are expected to be global leaders in Honda. Honda has 12 R&D laboratories all over the world. In the future, you may be located to R&D centers overseas as an expatriate or of course, you may have chance to be a local hire staff to manage local subsidiaries.

Work skill location:
Engineering; Science Major.
Required Personality /Attitude:
– Highly motivated, ambitious, and pro-active.
Required Major or
Research Field in Detail: Student who are graduating in year 2014 (Fresh graduates) or alumni who graduate in between year 2010 – 2013. They must graduates in Engineering or Science Major. Minimum education for graduates is Bachelor degree.
Japanese Language
as of Interview (JLPT):
No requirement for Japanese language ability. Japanese language lesson may be provided by Honda for daily conversation.

English Language
Requirement as of
Interview (CET/TEM):
TOEFL 550 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 700 or above (Business Level)
Information Regarding
Foreign Language Ability: Native or fluent level of English. Even if you cannot speak Japanese at the time you are hired, it is preferred if you can speak Japanese at a conversational level by the planned begin date. We will support your Japanese study before the planned begin date.

Work Location:
Japan offices: Honda HQ, Tochigi prefecture
*You will work in Japan for a few years after joining our company

Planned Begin Date

(Month/Year): Around second term of 2014
Bonus: Twice a year (June and December). For new employees, first bonus will be small token of appreciation in his/ her first half year. They will get full amount for the second bonus.

Salary Review:
Bachelor degree: JPY 209,300/ Month = IDR 24.069.500 per month,
Master degree: JPY 234,800/ Month = IDR 27.002.000 per month.

Working hours: Standard working hours = 8 hours, Start and finish depends on department. Working time are flexible time system

Training: There is induction training (seminar), based on principle that company assists career of its employees. (Ex) language training, training based on career type, training based on business type, and training for problem solving.

Holidays/Vacations: Weekends (Saturday and Sunday,) national holidays, May (Golden week), August (Summer Holiday), Year-end and New Year vacations, marriage leave, etc.
After 2 months employment, will entitled 10 days annual leave.

Social Insurance: Employment insurance/employees’ accident compensation insurance/health insurance/employees’ pension insurance.

Travel Allowance: Transportation covered by company.
Regarding Housing

Allowance: Meal allowance JPY 225 for lunch in working days (Average lunch is JPY 445 in canteen), Housing allowance is available, Dependant family allowance is available.

Monthly Amount of
Housing Allowance: If employee pay house rent by him/herself: JPY 11,600 (with dependents), JPY 5,800 (no dependents).
Employees under 28 years old eligible to move into their dormitory houses. Personal expense is around JPY 10,000~20,000 in Tochigi prefecture.

Monthly Amount of
Family Allowance: 1st Dependant will get JPY 16,000 and Subsequent dependant will get JPY 4,800 for each.
Other Allowance: Overtime allowance.
Welfare Programs: Company GYM, variety of training programs, etc.

Screening Steps

1st : The first step to apply is to register in www.workinjapan.asia and from Campus Hiring.
2nd : Interview with RGF; for online registrant will do interview at office, campus hiring student will do interview when RGF visit.
3rd : SPI Test; selected candidates will be invited for test, online registrant do test at office, campus hiring student will do test after first interview on same day.
4th : Candidates who pass the test will be invited for another round of interview with Honda representatives

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