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TokopediaPT. Tokopedia is one of the fastest growing internet company in Indonesia. Since the company launched its finest product www.tokopedia.com on August 17th 2009, Tokopedia has become the biggest online mall in Indonesia. The website provides a place for every individual and small-to-medium businessman in Indonesia to easily open their online shop for free. Tokopedia also enables a secure online shopping experience.

Tokopedia is also one of the Indonesian internet company which is supported by several international VC and worldwide internet companies, including: East Ventures, CyberAgent Ventures, Beenos, and Softbank Ventures Korea.


Flat Management

Tokopedia offers a minimum bureaucracy work system. You will work in a flexible, dynamic, and challenging startup atmosphere.

Intrapreneurship Program
Tokopedia organizes intrapreneurship program, where your participation may bring your dreams come true.

Be a Part of Our Nakama
We address our team member by “Nakama,” and treat each other like family.

Our Vision

Our Team / Nakama

Our Office


Responsibilities :
Prepares legal draftsReview legal documentsHelp giving advices to guide development of products, services and policiesConduct legal research and prepare analysesSummaries & reports as required to complete legal matter and projectEngage directly with politicians and policy makersRepresent Tokopedia meetings with government officials and elected membersRequirement :
Bachelor’s degree in Law from a reputable university with GPA > 3,00Experience of minimum 1 year in legal position (fresh graduate are welcome)Good communication, relationship, and negotiation skillFamiliar with policies and regulations governing license and permit programsWEB DEVELOPER
Develop new features according to roadmapMonitor bug report and execute bug fixingDevelop back-end for operational efficiencyRequirements:
Bachelor’s degree. Maximum 28 years of age.Have minimum 1 year of experience (fresh graduate may also apply).Proficient in XHTML, CSS, PHP / Perl, MySql / Postgre SQL.Have passion to build products that are useful to many people.Interested in following updates on web technology.Creative and able to work on deadline.Communicative and able to work in team.DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR

You will be a part of a great team which is responsible for making design, implementing, and utilize strategic performance tuning from various database solution in Tokopedia’s environment. You will also perform day-to-day operation and maintain the system.

Have minimum 2 years of experience in similar position.Accustomed to dealing with RDBMS (PostgreSQL / MySQL / Oracle) for multiple applications that have high rate of data traffic.Have a deep comprehension of the concept of big data and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis, and Hadoop). It is better if you are proficient in one of it.Proficient in concepting, designing, and implementing database replication and backup strategy.Proficient in shell scripting (Bash / Perl / Python).Accustomed to work in Unix (Linux / *BSD) environment.Able to work in team, always curious with new things, and have a good sense of humor.ACCOUNTING & TAX EXECUTIVE
Regulate the company’s financial transactions.Make journal entries for all capital / transaction.Perform the necessary tax calculations.Compile data for corporate tax reports.Perform other duties as needed.Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Accounting, or Taxation. Maximum 27 years of age.Have minimum 1 year of experience (fresh graduate may also apply).Able to operate computer well.Able to work individually and in team.Honest, thorough, responsible, and have integrity.Have a good comprehension in taxation and taxation laws, as well as its application.Proficient in PPN, PPH 21/22/23/4 (2), and SPT PPN.MARKETING EXECUTIVE
Plan and develop marketing communication strategies with appropriate media.Increase the company’s brand awareness by developing and managing marketing and communication strategies.Manage and negotiate with various institutes and vendors to support marketing activities.Support the company’s marketing activities and various tasks which are related with the company.Collaborate with both internal and external parties to ensure the attractiveness of the company’s website.Execute 360 degree marketingDevelop and preserve various social media programs to build brand awareness (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, BBM Channel, Instagram, and Pinterest).Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Business Management, Advertising, or related departments. Maximum 30 years of age.Proficient in making plans for marketing strategy. Target-oriented.Proficient in communication, negotiation, and presentation.Minimum 2 years of experience is preferable.Proficient in English, both oral and written.Have extensive network is a plus.SOFTWARE ENGINEER

We are searching for engineers who are interested in building new features, solving technical problems, and able to be working with enormous amount of data.

Plan and build new features.Solve technical problems.Create scalable back-end.Collaborate with design team.Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related departments.Have minimum 1 year of experience (fresh graduate may also apply).Proficient in XHTML, CSS, and Javascript.Proficient in Perl / PHP.Proficient in relational database and SQL.SOFTWARE ENGINEER – MOBILE
We are searching for engineers who are interested in building products for mobile devices.

Plan and build web-like experience on various mobile devices.Build scalable, reliable, and maintainable mobile platform.Collaborate with design team and product team.Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related departments.Have minimum 1 year of experience (fresh graduate may also apply).Proficient in XHTML, CSS, and Javascript.Proficient in Perl / PHP.SOFTWARE ENGINEER – IOS
We are searching for engineers who are interested in building iPhone / iPad apps using iOS SDK.

Plan and build native iOS app.Create reusable, efficient, and performable codes.Collaborate with design team and product team.Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related departments.Have minimum 1 year of experience (fresh graduate may also apply).Proficient in Objective-C / C++.Experienced in making or integrating API.SOFTWARE ENGINEER – STORAGE
We are looking for engineers who are interested in building more efficient system for storing enormous amount of data.

Plan and build a system that is able to store enormous amount of data.Analyze and fix data storage system in order to make reliable, accessible, and efficient performance.Collaborate with product team.Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related departments.Have minimum 2 years of experience.Experienced in implementing distributed storage systems and servers.QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM
Ensure that the products developed by the company meet the quality standards and requirements.Create documentations for the developed products.Test the products on desktop or mobile, with manual or automated method.Set the estimated processing time and ensure that all product tests can be finished on time.Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information System, or related departments. Maximum 28 years of age.Able to conduct task and responsibility according to deadline.Have knowledge in programming is a plus.Have knowledge in automation test (Selenium Test / Webdriver / etc.) is also a plus.High analyzing skill and attention to details.Able to work individually and in team. Communicative.Want to learn and improvise yourself.SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SPECIALIST (SEO SPECIALIST)
Implement and monitor the effective SEO strategy.Optimize on-site and off-site strategy from Tokopedia’s SEO.Monitor the ongoing SEM program.Requirements:Bachelor’s degree. Maximum 30 years of age.Always following the recent SEO and SEM updates.Experience in advertising agency is a plus.SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING SPECIALIST (SEM SPECIALIST)
You will join a team that do digital advertising.Requirements:Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information System, Mathematics, or related departments. Fresh graduate may apply.Delighted with statistical analysis and figures.Excellent copywriting skillHave a high analyzing skill.Preferably if proficient in using Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads.CUSTOMER RELATIONS SPECIALIST
Handle customers’ complaints.Fostering good relation with customers.Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree, all departments (preferable from communication faculty). Maximum 25 years of age.Good communication skill.Thorough, discipline, and good in problem analyzing.Friendly, patient, and customer-oriented.Good in using Indonesian language, both oral and written, in accordance with EYD.Neat, able to organize things well.Able to work in team.Ready to be assigned on shifting work schedule until late night (4 days of work, 4 days off).SALES EXECUTIVE

Handle sales team, with the goal of acquiring new merchants for Tokopedia.

Bachelor’s degree. Maximum 29 years of age.Have minimum 1 year of experience as an Account Executive (fresh graduate may also apply).Proficient in interpersonal communication.Proficient in presentation, both in Indonesian and English.Have leadership qualities and able to work in team.Good-looking.Embrace challenges and able to adapt quickly.Always following the recent internet trends and active in social media.PUBLIC RELATION EXECUTIVE
Manage and develop the company’s internal and external communication media. Increase the company’s brand awareness.Respond to requests for information from other mediaObserve mass media for related information and corporate news.Perform necessary actions to give the correct information, as well as restoring and building corporate image.Coordinate with advertising agency to arrange promotional campaign program on mass media, in order to give positive brand image and promoting the company’s products and servicesBuild media database and relationRequirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Public Relation, Advertising, Linguistics, Communication, or related fields. Maximum 27 years of age.Proficient in communication, negotiation, and presentation.Have minimum 1 years of experience in related field (fresh graduate may also apply).Proficient in English, both written and verbally.Have extensive network with media to develop and execute the effective marketing strategy.Please send your CV by E-mail : jobs@tokopedia.com

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